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Saturday, March 28, 2020



Dear Church Family & Friends,

We've simplified and streamlined our Wednesday Night plan, to make it as easy as possible for you (and your whole family) to get in on the available resources each week!

Simply go to, where you'll find all available content for Children, Youth, and Adults.

You'll see that Children and Youth will have pre-recorded teachings available to them to watch, along with some ideas and encouragements for them to participate.  And all Adults will have access to a short recap video from the previous Sunday, along with some expanded discussion questions, that will help you get refocused on the teaching and then apply it to your life.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wednesday Night Plan


Dear Church Family & Friends,

In our continuing efforts to provide you (and your whole family!) with some great resources and tools for spiritual application & growth in this time of being apart from one another, here's our current plan for Wednesday nights.

We've got something planned for Children, Youth, and Adults!


Our Kingdom Kids will be able to tune into a livestream tomorrow night at 7:00 PM, featuring our Children's Pastor, Mandy Wood, and members of the Children's Leadership Team!  They'll be providing some worship, fun games, and a great teaching.  Your child will need your help, Mom & Dad, in order to get them "online" so they can watch this stream and participate. 

Here's what to do:

1)  Go to our Children's Ministry page on our website, and you'll see the video player appearing there near the top of the page. 

2)  Or, we will also be streaming live on our Facebook page, if you want to allow your child to participate that way.

3)  Parents, we encourage you to help your child connect and engage with this event as best as they can, given their age, etc.!  Our team is preparing to bring their very best for your child and to overcome the barrier of the technology gap (a blessing, to be sure, but still a difficult barrier!) in order to minister to your child.


Your youth will be able to sit down and watch a pre-recorded teaching tomorrow night from our Youth Pastor, Johnny Andrade!  Johnny will be bringing a great, applicable truth for your teenager(s) in a message about how God answers prayers. 

Here's what to do:

1)  Go to our Youth Ministry page on our website, and you'll see the video player appearing there near the top of the page.  The video will be available there from about 6:00 PM forward tomorrow night.

2)  Parents, we encourage you to encourage your youth to find a space, get comfortable, sit down, and dedicate themselves to this time!  Just like as if they were going to be there in-person on Wednesday night, for a regular service.  Encourage them to take notes on a notepad, have their Bible with them, etc. 


Last, but certainly not least, we'll be providing some expanded weekly discussion questions for all adult men and women, for you to use as a tool to help apply Sunday's teaching into your life.

Here's what we would encourage you to do:

1)  Sit down with your spouse (if married), and dedicate some time to this, just like if you were going to be attending your Life Group this Wednesday night in-person.

2)  Re-listen or re-watch Sunday's message (Pastor Matt talked about "Everything Happens for A Reason" from the "Six Dumb Things Smart People Believe" series we're in right now).  If you choose to re-watch by video, the message part begins at about the 30:00 mark.

3)  Using our free mobile app, you can type in your answers to each of the questions, save them, and even email them to yourself if you want! 

4)  Or, go to the Life Group Questions page on our website, and download the questions in either Microsoft Word or PDF format.  You can print these out and write in your answers.

It's our privilege to help create content like this, and serve you in this time when we cannot do things "like normal" around here!  Praying for a great Wednesday for each of you.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Livestream Tips


Dear Church Family & Friends,

We've put together a list of tips & tricks for you, based on some of the feedback and questions we've received over the past two weeks.  We want to help you get the most out of this season of our livestream services on Sundays! 

How can I hear it better?
We've identified and fixed some issues in regards to the volume level you were able to hear, from yesterday's livestream.  So for this week, it should be much better!  Please remember though, every smartphone, TV, computer, etc. is a little different, and you'll want to become familiar with your device you're using to watch our livestream.  Make sure you've got the volume all the way up (or at the level you need it to be) and that you're not overlooking any setting that may be specific to your device.

What should I do to make sure I get the highest-quality livestream?
First, we'd recommend that you be on wifi (not cellular signal, unless that's all you have, or you are confident that your cellular signal is really good).  Being on wifi will guarantee that you can get the best stream possible, up to the speed of your internet provider plan that you have.  Also, try to use the best/fastest device that you have available to you!

Where can I watch it?
Right now, we have two ways you can watch:  directly on our website, or from our Facebook page.  We're also working on adding a way to be able to reach the livestream from within our mobile app, too, but the best experience would be to use one of the two methods above.

What time does it start?
We will begin streaming at approximately 8:45 AM.  This helps get our stream up and running before the official 9:00 AM start time, and gives everyone plenty of time to get online (using one of the two methods described above, and in greater detail below) and get ready!

How does it work on the website?
Simply go to to our website, and scroll down a little bit until you reach the "Livestream" video section.  You'll see the live video player there, and it will show last week's livestream service, until approximately 24 hours before the next Sunday livestream will begin.  Please note that you may possibly need to refresh the page, if it's getting close to 9:00 AM and you're not seeing or hearing anything from that live video player on the page.  For some users, we're seeing that the live video player "kicks in" automatically, and for some, it does not (which requires you to refresh the page in order to be able to see/hear the livestream).

How does it work on Facebook?
Simply go to our Facebook page, and once the livestream begins, it should be the newest/most recent item in our page's newsfeed.  Please note that you may need to refresh the page, if it's getting close to 9:00 AM and you're not seeing anything pop up automatically.  If you want to enable live video notifications on Facebook (so you'll get an alert when our page goes live), follow the directions at this page (scroll down to "To change your live video notifications from a specific Page" and follow those steps).

How can I project it/mirror it onto my TV, or a larger screen?
Please note that this process requires that you be familiar with the equipment you have; it's not possible for us to be able to give instructions for every single device/platform out there.  Every situation will be different, and you'll want to know the limitations of your device. 

However, if you're looking for a way to start doing this, we'd recommend that you get one of the following devices:

- Apple TV (best solution for iOS users - Amazon link)
- Roku (best for Android users, but can work with iOS - Amazon link)
- Fire TV Cube (can be used with iOS or Android - Amazon link)

These devices will connect to your home wifi, and allow you to "mirror" your screen to your connected TV (with both video and audio).  You'll want to refer to the setup instructions that come with these devices, and set them up that way.  We cannot provide technical support for these devices, but in our experience, we've found these solutions to be very easy and also very non-technical to do!  It's a great way to enjoy the livestream on the big screen with family or friends!


Monday, March 17, 2020

Pastoral Letter


Dear Church Family & Friends,

I know we just sent you a notification about the cancellation of this week's Wednesday night activities (for Life Groups & ministries) -- but upon further counsel and review with the GMI Board, we are going to extend our cancellation to now include the next two weeks, for all church events.

In Titus 3:1 the apostle Paul tells Titus, "Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good." So unless it’s something that contradicts the word & will of God, then we should obey it. And we will.

With the new recommendation today to keep events at 10 people or less, here's our revised gameplan for the next two weeks:

1) We will have a livestream service on both Sunday mornings (March 22 and 29) at 9:00 AM.

These livestream services will not be open to members or the public. And in order to keep our number below the 10 max, our worship team will be a smaller group, with a more acoustic-type feel to it. You will be able to watch the livestream by going directly to our website or by watching live on Facebook. Either way, you'll be able to get the full service, so just pick what works best for you.

2) Our church office hours will change.

We will have limited staff hours at the church over these next two weeks, only coming in for necessary projects and items, etc. If you have any needs, concerns, or anything at all we can help you with, I ask that you please reach out directly to your Life Group Leader, your Elders, and your Pastors -- we are all here for you, and will do anything that is in our power.

3) Here's the church events that will be postponed:

Water Baptism Class (Saturday, March 21)
Visitor's Luncheon (Sunday, March 22)
ManUp Monday (Monday, March 23)
Life Group Leader In-Service (Tuesday, March 24)
Discovery Seminar (Saturday, March 28)
Water Baptism Sunday (Sunday, March 29)

We will work on rescheduling these events as the situation permits.

4) We will continue to monitor the situation.

As your pastors and elders, we will continue to monitor the situation, and will keep you updated as our church family. In the meantime, hold onto the following verse, and pray it over yourself and your family. And please pray it over every member of this church family: Isaiah 41:10 – "Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."

Love & blessings,

Pastor Matt

P.S. -- again, please let our staff know if there is anyone who is sick, or anyone in need. We are here, and we always love the opportunity to serve you.

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