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Ages 6-11

Get Set!

Parents, we’ll need you to help your child get prepared for success here!  Set them up in a room (and get the technology part ready) so your child can participate.

Watch It!

Watch this week’s video (below this list), and have fun!

Download Bible Study

Download the “Dive In” Bible Study document from Mrs. Mandy by clicking the button here:

Talk About It!

Sit down with your Mom and Dad, and discuss what you learned!  What was your favorite thing from the teaching?  And what do you think Jesus wants you to do now that you’ve learned this?

Connect With Us!

Questions from the lesson?  Needing help with anything?  Please contact Mrs. Mandy or any of the Children’s Leadership Team if we can help you or pray for you in any way right now!


Ages 12-18

Get Comfortable

Find a quiet place, where you can sit down, be focused, and allow Jesus to speak to you in this time.

Watch It

Watch the weekly video (below this list), and be ready to engage with the teaching!  Have your Bible, notebook, and pen ready to go.

Apply It

Take some time to read over your notes at the end of watching the teaching, and ask yourself some good, hard questions.  It’s hard work to think!  But that’s what a wise young man or woman does.  Let Jesus speak to you, wherever you’re sitting and doing this.

Connect With Us!

Got some questions from the teaching?  Are you needing help with anything?  Please contact Johnny, Dulce, Fred, or Tacy with any questions or needs you have!  They’re on standby for YOU!


Ages 18+

Get Comfortable

Find a quiet place, where you can sit down, be focused, and allow Jesus to speak to you in this time.

Watch It

Watch the short recap video (below this list), to help you get refocused on Sunday’s message. 

Apply It

Using our free mobile app, answer the personal discussion questions.  You can also download/print the questions from on our website!  However you do it, spend some quality time in reflection and application here.


Don’t be isolated – be connected!  How can we help you, or pray for you right now?  We encourage you to reach out directly to your Life Group Leader, who is on standby for you every week (and especially right now, given the situation!)  Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact one of your Pastors or Elders — we are here for you as well in any capacity!


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