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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Event Date

Wednesday, July 31

Event Time

6:30 – 8:30 PM

Event Location

Various Homes

Event Description & Instructions

At Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, you’ll get to experience a fun night of either being a Host, or Attending someone else’s (another Host’s) dinner party! It’s a fun night of getting to mix and mingle with some new faces, and enjoy a great meal together.

If you choose to “Host“, you’ll specify below how many seats at your table you can provide for a dinner party.  As the Host, you decide the meal/courses, and your Attendees will contribute to the meal.

If you choose to simply “Attend“, you’ll be contacted by your Host a few days prior to the night of the event, and asked to contribute/bring something for the meal that the Host has planned.

Come Join Us

  • 9:00 AM Sunday
    First Service
  • 10:45 AM Sunday
    Second Service
  • 6:30 PM Wednesday
    Life Groups, Children, Youth, College

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