Dominion or Departure?

Recorded Live @ GCF Wharton | August 2022

The “Dominion or Departure” series is an orthodox, historic view of end times. This view has an optimistic outlook on the future, and sees the Church of Jesus Christ as triumphant (in stark contrast to the modern view of end times, with its underlining message of defeatism and hopelessness). These sessions will inspire you, equip you, and fill you with tremendous hope for the future as you dive into a true biblical understanding of end times.


Session Handouts

Handouts contain scripture references, quotes, etc.


Session #1

The Kingdom (Part 1)

Session #2

The Kingdom (Part 2)

Session #3

Matthew 24 (Part 1)

Session #4

Matthew 24 (Part 2)

Session #5

Intro to Revelation (Part 1)

Session #6

Intro to Revelation (Part 2)


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